The St. Petersburg office of the Finnish law firm Hedman Osborne Clarke (which was a member of Osborne Clarke Alliance) was the first international law firm founded in St. Petersburg in 1991.

Due to significant development of the company and expansion of its partner network, and as the result emersion to a higher professional and financial level the Russian company has been reorganized and re-branded. As of year 2007 the company is called UNICOMLEGAL Russia. The structure of the UNICOMLEGAL Russia company is adequate to its new objectives and targeted to even more successful representation of our clients’ interests and cooperation with new partners. Magazine for top-management "the CHIEF" consider UNICOMLEGAL Russia to be one of the most rapidly developed company in the market.

During our time working in the St. Petersburg market, UNICOMLEGAL Russia has established good relationships with local State authorities, business communities, and different international financial and bank structures of the North-West region, including St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast. Our company is the first consulting firm granted the status of authorized consultant of the Leningrad oblast Government. This cooperation helps the local government to implement investment policy and to attract more international companies to the internal market  which is the company’s main goal.

The specialists of UNICOMLEGAL Russia counsel on all questions referred to the securities, commercial, tax, construction and copyright legislation, licensing and certification, successfully deals with problems in customs, investment and transportation legislation. Company’s lawyers at various times initiated legislation in different spheres of law and participated in development of both local and Federal level legislation.

In our law alliance operate several working groups, specializing on different areas of law. The most active and demanded are corporate law, including M&A, and labour law, construction and real estate working groups.

The Moscow and St. Petersburg offices operate also in Smolensk, Petrozavodsk,  Nizhniy Novgorod, and other cities. UNICOMLEGAL Russia’s clients are Russian subsidiaries of foreign companies and international companies in other countries, as well as growing number of  Russian companies.

Lawyers of UNICOMLEGAL Russia are successful in representing their clients in arbitration and common jurisdiction courts, arbitral tribunals in St.Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. Owing to significant experience and impeccable reputation several lawyers of UNICOMLEGAL Russia were appointed as judges of standing arbitral tribunals.